We strive to join forces with our clients in developing  efficient, streamlined, solutions. Let us help you maximize and economize your voice and data services for  business. Offering fast, efficient, remote support, we are truly your personal IT department. 

The World is changing. Your office is Changing. Your IT support is changing. 
Welcome to the new team.

There was once a time when an office with multiple locations needed an expensive and expansive network between locations to share data and phone systems. Those days are over. At Yarmony Technologies, we team with partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Vonage, Digium VoIP, Amazon cloud services, to bring you the best solutions for all of your office needs. 

Yarmony Technologies was originally founded as Alexander & Associates in 1998 to assist several Vail Valley non-profit companies with their IT and communication needs. In 2003 A&A joined forces with new partners in starting a larger consulting company in the Vail Valley, Colorado, offering expanded services, featuring a larger team of employees and support resources to help our clients. 


Today, 10 years later, we are embracing the opportunity to provide our clients with more focused and personalized service. We offer the next generation of solutions, services and products, whether it's on the ground or in the cloud.

At Yarmony Technologies, we know the world is changing from clunky, expensive, equipment (that is a depreciating capital expenditure) to a system of month-to-month hosted services. We can help you make the transition from the old to the new, while providing you with a level of service beyond that of other companies. A&A offers Business Class hosted VoIP phone Systems and hosted Email systems, as well as experienced, certified support for your existing servers and equipment. We make our monthly labor plans along the same lines, with our goal being a monthly labor number that matches what you require on average. We track numbers along the way to present our clients an effective rate each month, and review the monthly labor costs and requirements to construct a win-win contract 

​Our team consists of Chris Alexander,
Network Engineer and founder of the
company; Matt Bickley, Operations Officer and
Service Manager; and their newest team member, Dave Donahue

With over 20 years of technology experience, Chris knows how bring direction and results to your business and technology needs. Chris graduated from the University of Oklahoma as a Mechanical Engineer. After moving to Vail, he became Microsoft and Cisco Certified, and began a path of local business support.  

Recently joining the team, Matt brings a higher level of Cisco and ISP experience to YT. Matt, the resident operations officer and Service Manager, is always available to quickly assess and address your desktop needs. 

​We believe we can provide your office with more stability, greater efficiency, and lower cost per employee with a range of hosted services. Let us be a part of your Team! 

Team Alexander & Associates
Team Alexander & Associates

Business & Technology Consultants, Matt Bickley & Chris Alexander

"Trust and Respect cannot be given away. They must be earned."

​​We know that it will take time for us to gain your trust, but we know we will. We also want you to know that we take that responsibility seriously. We are defined by the relationships we maintain.