We design our monthly contract services to provide immediate support. Our goal is to find a monthly contract number that is close to the average support requirements for each client, and numbers are reviewed monthly to attain this goal. We believe, with a  little time and patience, we can find this win-win number, an average support cost and hours required, so that clients can call as needed.

We do not charge markup on ordered equipment (PC's and other hardware). We believe in finding you the best price we both can find. For contract clients, procurement of gear is included in the service. For non contract clients, we will still not markup gear, but may charge for time to research and procure necessary equipment. We are your Team. 

Hosted Exchange

We are a Hosted Exchange provider, and can deliver Hosted Exchange mailboxes to you and your employees with over 99% uptime statistics. We also install, and support onsite mail servers.

Backup Services

From Online Backup services, to our own Backup server, through Storage Craft, which can take over as your server, should your server ever go down, as well as backing up your data, and getting it offsite.

Phone Systems

We are proud to introduce VoIP phone systems by 8x8. We can provide business class VoIP Hosted phone systems with both greater functionality and greater savings. 

​Remote support

We have discovered that we can save ourselves and our clients room in their budgets by taking advantage of all of the wonderful remote tools for support. Let us show you how quickly we can help

​Support Contracts

We strive to find the average support cost and time for your office. For those contract clients, we will provide priority assistance, and immediate remote assistance.  We do not require a contract.

Advanced Support

From point to point data and phone connections, to multiple offices, to shared Cloud data pools, ask us how we can help you navigate your Technology and lead us into cleaner futures.